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15 Styles of Unique and Creative Wedding Ring

When it comes to wedding ring, it means more than just a ring more than anything can even describe. Nothing can compare to wedding ring because it shows meaning of love and two people who committed to be with each other through good time and bad time. Choosing one may be really hard choice for you so these ring styles will give you some idea about it if you want something unique and special.

Here are 15 styles for creative wedding ring that probably help you in choosing one for yourself and your life partner.


        1- Love ring


unique ring.1


           2- “’TIL DEATH DO US PART” Designed by Kate Beauman

Unique ring.2


           3- Heart ring

Unique ring.3

         4- Couple ring
Unique ring.4

           5- Name wedding ring

Unique ring.5

         6- Disney wedding ring
Unique ring.6

      7-Wooden wedding ring

Unique ring.7

     8- Fingerprint ring

Unique ring.8

          9- Flower ring

Unique ring.9

        10- Rough diamond ring

Unique ring.10

       11- Jade wedding ring

Unique ring.11

       12- Black gold ring

Unique ring.12

       13- Vintage wedding ring

Unique ring.13

     14- Jigsaw ring

Unique ring.14

        15- Handcrafted wedding ring

Unique wedding ring .15

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