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6 Cheap & Easy Ways To Renovate Baby Room

     If you want to renovate a baby room without having to pay much then here are 6 ways for you.

You may have many questions on your mind about how to design and room? , how much it may cost? , or what kind of stuff you will be needing?

Mainly, children room need to be clean and safe so most of baby stuff and decorating furniture seem to be costly and sometimes it is not an affordable price. So why not make one by your own?

       1- Design to make it enjoyable for the kids

Mostly, you will see baby room with plain color like white, cream, or light yellow but actually there are many other colors you can use and it will even make the room look fun for the kid. Colorful color will be a good choice for this because baby can see colorful color easier than plain light one. Or if you do not want to repaint your wall then you can put shinny cartoon stickers on the wall as well.

creative baby room

       2- Repaint old furniture

You can repaint your old furniture to look new again with any cute color to be put in your baby room. By this way you will save so much money from buying new furniture.

cheap way for baby room

       3-Recycle unused clothes

One more creative way to decorate the baby room is to recycle unused stuff such as old clothes. You can cut old clothes into each small pieces and stick it together again with animal shape and put on the wall or you can make cute doll by using old clothes too but always remember to use colorful one to attract children to play with it.

idea for baby room

      4-Put blackboard on the wall

Using old blackboard to decorate baby room is not a bad choice plus your baby can use to draw or write anything on it to prevent them from writing on wall or furniture.

cute baby room


Most important thing in a baby room is furniture. Before buying one you have to think about its function because the more function it has is the less space and money you will have to use.

baby room

      6-Second hands

It is not always necessary to buy new things because second hand stuff or something your friends or family willing to give you can be a better choice too. This is one best way to save money.

baby room girl

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