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Best Decoration Ideas of jewelry like rings, diamonds and kemstones

Wedding Rings For The Groom


When it comes to wedding most people focus on the bride while forget about the groom. Everything seems to focus on the bride such as hair, dress, shoes, make up, and the wedding ring. So today we would like to share about wedding ring ideas for the groom. There are …

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Jewelry For The Bride

Jewelry For The Bride 6

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it is memorable, pleasurable and uniquely sacred. For a bride, marriage is all about being the center of attention of the day and steal the limelight. Every bride wants to look good, exotic, unique, captivating and absolutely stunning. Whatever a bride …

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1 Karat Diamond Wedding Ring Designs

1 Karat Wedding Ring Designs 5

No matter what shape or what design your wedding ring will be like but diamond ring is still number 1 choice among brides these days. 1 karat diamond wedding ring may look classic but also luxurious at the same time. It brings out the best of its own charm with …

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Vintage and Modern Style Wedding Ring

Vintage and Modern style wedding ring feature pic

Vintage wedding or engagement ring is becoming popular among women nowadays but when it comes to wedding ring it would be better if the wedding ring has something special beside vintage style. However, vintage ring has its own uniqueness in price n time but it is from old time as …

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Jewelry Pieces for Men and Women


Jewelry pieces come these days in many styles, designs, materials and gemstones to choose from for both men and women. Jewelry designers have created so many exciting designs to match every possible preference both men and women can have. These days it seems that men are more and more interested …

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