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Best Decoration ideas for Rings like vintage engagement rings and wedding rings.

Vintage Antique Engagement Rings

vintage antique engagement rings 08

As the current age contemporary ring designs are getting more and more similar, people are now focusing on classy vintage antique engagement designs. These carry the designs and types of manufacture that prevailed at particular or era. These rings are made by considering the actual or real moulds of rings …

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Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings (6)

Vintage engagement rings are very good and desirable choice for the engagement occasions. You can find out many famous types of engagement rings in the market. Here we will look at a few prominent one. The first and a very famous kind of antique engagement ring is known as Louise …

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Best Vintage engagement ring ideas

Elsa - Vintage engagement ring

Vintage engagements rings are getting more and more popular for their hand crafted beauty and old world charm. These are made by intricate work and hand cut metals or gems. Most couples including celebrities choose this type of ring for its unusualness and with a belief that their marriage or …

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Engagement Rings Vintage


The engagement rings vintage are back with a bang as different online and local makers are now making exquisite designs offering a snap shot of the gone by era and period. The vintage style rings are now commonly seen in the market and are widely chosen for their unique settings, …

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Vintage Engagement Rings – Buying Guide


Nowadays vintage engagement rings have found a new lot of consumers mostly for their alluring designs, uniqueness and feeling of heirloom. The current age ring designers are adopting the once famous styles of Victorian era, Edwardian era and others. These are present in many varieties such as gems, gold, platinum, …

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