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Water features

Find decoration ideas and tips for beautiful garden water features including ponds, fountains, waterfalls and more from our landscaping experts.

Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains (7)

Water fountains are one of the great choices to make your exterior gardens look fantabulous. Apart from the looks they are also exceptional in creating the right ambience for your houses. The status of being owner of a dazzling garden fountain is really awesome. Outdoor water fountains are the latest …

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Tabletop Water Fountains

tabletop water fountains (5)

Fountains are great attractions from very long time. In the initial time of their entry these settings were found only in huge buildings or parks. However, they became very popular and started appearing in all types of buildings and even in residential areas. From the huge size, they transformed into …

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Great Pond Decoration Ideas

Pond Decoration Ideas (10)

A pond in general, not much different from a gathering of water from general sense, but it different because it address to your feelings and thinking when you feel alone. Decorated pond adds much more value to the above idea and it makes dealing with your pond from your mind …

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