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Cruising yachts and Luxury sailing yachts

Cruising yachts are in the range of 7 meters (23 ft) to 14 meters (46 ft) range. They are the most common used yacht. They usually have several cabins below deck. Typically there are three cabins; a single large saloon with kitchen, seating place and navigation equipment. There is also a toilet and shower-. You can travel long distance on cruising yacths.These boats have a cruising speed upwards of 6 knots.

Luxury sailing yachts are mostly 25 meters (82 ft) or longer. They are sophisticated and luxurious boats. You can find air conditioning, television, hot water, pressurized water systems, and refrigerators and other luxuries on them. Luxury sailing yachts are mostly computer automated.. Radar, echo-sounding and auto-pilot are common. All the electricity needed for the yacht is provided from the engine. The yachts which travel long distances can use wind-, water- and solar-powered generators for this function.

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