New Office Design Trends

new office design trends 7

When was the last time you renovate your office? Has it been years already? It’s time for you to plan for decorating your office to look new and fabulous. Renovating your office gives you many advantages. Firstly, it makes your employees happier with better surrounding. Then it also makes your …

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Wedding Rings For The Groom


When it comes to wedding most people focus on the bride while forget about the groom. Everything seems to focus on the bride such as hair, dress, shoes, make up, and the wedding ring. So today we would like to share about wedding ring ideas for the groom. There are …

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Jewelry For The Bride

Jewelry For The Bride 6

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it is memorable, pleasurable and uniquely sacred. For a bride, marriage is all about being the center of attention of the day and steal the limelight. Every bride wants to look good, exotic, unique, captivating and absolutely stunning. Whatever a bride …

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Office Spaces (smart office)

Office Spaces featured image

Smart office is the thinking of how manage an office that can flow knowledge among employees effectively as a team. It costs less but provide much more outcome without having to invest much. The heart of smart office is how to manage and design office space for employees to exchange …

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Awesome Old Clock Tower

Old clock tower that has been converted into a penthouse apartment 2

I would like to share with you the best penthouse that has been converted from old clock tower. The old clock tower restored so well. I’m sure you will like the new clock tower view. Here is the best clock tower that has been converted into a penthouse.

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