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Tips & Ideas for cheap home renovation

These are tips and ideas that you can use to renovate your home which will cost less money in a surprisingly creative way.



      1- Repaint your wall

Choose any type of color that you like and make sure you buy the right color. Spend one weekend with friends or family to help repainting new wall color. Not only you will get new look for your room but also you can spend some qaulity time with your family and friends. Just by repainting new color to your wall from simple room to something more interesting and surely cost less.

1. repaint wall


      2- Redesign your room

Let’s check around your house and see what are there. Check each room and see what do you want to change and how you want to redesign your house or room. Also check for what you already have and reuse it with new design. You may take out some decoration which are there for a long time and change its space to another room or keep away what is not neccessary or redesign it for new look. For example you can change your old coffee table color or renovate it to a study table for your kids. You can use kids’ painting to decorate the living room as well. Your house will look more cozy or more interesting depends on your idea. You can make it however you like by using what you already have in the house.


      3-Color and lighting will change its look

Try installing lighting that can change its level in your room. Surely it will change the envioronment and how the room loook. You can change it to suit any time of day but if it is not a good idea to you then you can choose to buy a lamb with great design to make your room more comfy or put it next to your cozy bed. With any design you like, color and lighting will make the different to your room.

3. lighting for home


     4- Cushion can help

If buying new sofa will cost more than you can afford why not try changing cushion to make your sofa look better.There are many design of cushion to decorate your sofa to have better look. Plus, cushion is more cheaper than buying a new sofa. Just by doing so, your old sofa will look wonderful with amazing design of cushion.

4. Cushion for your sofa


      5-Sleeping with style

Do you want to change your bed room too? Try changing headboard or put some painting on the wall is also a great idea. Not only it will make your bed room look more interesting but also the style will make the room look more fabulous. New head board with old table? or New painting on the wall? your choice.

5. headboard-design-ideas


       6-Use mirror

If buying painting is cost more then you can choose to use mirror to decorate your room. Choose any size of mirror you like then design picture frame to put mirror on. After the mirror is ready then put it on the wall in your living room or any room in the house for decoration. It save more money and cost less of time.

6. Mirror for home decoration


      7-Size matter

Size play important part in design and decoration. No matter how small your room is but if you have one big decoration in your room it will make your room look even more bigger and charming. If you know how to decorate your space then your house will incredibly look attractive. You can play with size of each decoration to make your room look bigger or smaller.

7. small room decoration


      8- Reuse and Redesign

When some wooden stuff like wooden chair start looking old or yellowish but it is still useable then there is a way to make it better again. You can change the seat of the chair to make it more comfortable or repaint the chair with new color by doing this you will get a new looking chair in such a creative way.

8. Reuse home decoration

       9-Renovate your window

Try changing new curtain to suit each type of window in your house. Many people think this is not important thing to do but curtain help prevents sun light to come to your room. Color and style of curtain also express your style and what you are. You can try changing curtain in your living room or dining room first to see the different then you will be surprised of the result.

9. decorate-room-with-the-Curtains

        10- Create something for your house

After choosing severals beautiful paintings to decorate your house but you still can’t not find the one you like. Why not try and make it by yourself? you can start from making some small stuff first or if you do not like painting or drawing then you can choose to make your home decoration from something else such as magazine pictures which are put together and put into a picture frame. This easy technique will help you save a lot more money than you can expect.

10. Home-DIY

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